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Complex public contracts (PPP, PFI)

We have broad experience in all matters relating to the tendering and performance of various public contracts (procurement contracts, delegations of public services, agreements for occupancy of state-owned land) and complex contractual transactions concomitantly involving aspects of the law on public contracts, state or privately-owned land, town planning and finance. We advise our clients (mainly companies) throughout the various stages of public contracts, from their drafting to post-contractual relations.

It is always our concern to identify the most optimal contractual arrangement. We constantly position ourselves from an operational perspective and advise our clients on setting up effective systems such as administrative/hospital emphyteutic leases (BEA/BEH), temporary occupancy authorisations and leases with purchase options (AOT-LOA), etc., or private finance initiatives (PFI).

We also act for our clients before the competent courts (pre-contractual and contractual summary proceedings, claims for compensation), but prioritise the use of alternative dispute resolution methods.