Our joint offer August Debouzy & ConsenSys aims to provide financial players and corporates an efficient and secure alternative to expand their market and attract more investors. We want to combine the efficiency of the blockchain with regulatory compliance.

Anne-Sophie Cartray

Executive Director – ConsenSys


The potential of the Blockchain technology for financial market is taking the headline. The global crypto economy has experienced strong growth through the development of “ICOs” (Initial Coin Offerings) and non-investment tokens called “utility tokens”, which are generally used to access products or services based on blockchain technology.

More recently, a new wave of tokens called “security tokens” is emerging. These tokens are deployed on blockchain networks as a representation of financial assets such as fund units, bonds or shares. Tokenization of financial assets is becoming a new source of financing for companies and asset managers. Thanks to blockchain technology, tokenized assets are transferable under conditions previously set out in the code, as per legal, KYC and AML compliance requirements.

What is a STO ?

STO or Security Token Offering is operation by which a financial asset will be issued and managed in the blockchain by the registration of its token.

*The implementing decree of 24 December 2018 of the Blockchain Ordinance of 8 December 2017 allows the use of a Blockchain device for the representation and transmission of financial securities.


A global strategy with Blockchain experts and
Lawyers for assets tokenisation

August Debouzy and ConsenSys are partnering to provide issuers and investors a compliant platform to respectively issue and exchange tokenized fund on public or private permissioned blockchain networks.

Our joint approach will allow financial players and corporates to :

Issue financial instruments (including but not limited to equity, debt, units) in a more agile way

Reduce complexity of operations and cost of intermediary and distributor practices

Increase level of transaction security with automated processing (including automated KYC)

Get access to a broaden investor base

Provide real time reporting


With our joint support offer, we aim to develop new business opportunities for issuers and investors through asset tokenization. We want to give them the agility and speed of technology with the security and compliance that the law brings to surround operations.

Philippe Lorentz

Partner, Lawyer – August Debouzy


ConsenSys is the world’s largest blockchain technology company.

Founded in 2014 as a start-up studio by Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and currently developing, scaling and launching 100+ blockchain projects worldwide. More precisely, startup projects, funded by ConsenSys and Enterprise/Government projects, with institutional partners providing them a complete service offering including delivery and advisory.

ConsenSys Digital Asset is one of the world's most advanced institutional technology platform to support tokenized financial assets, powered by the Ethereum blockchain.
Using ConsenSys Digital Asset, consortiums of issuers, investors and other institutional actors are able to issue and exchange tokenized financial assets on scalable private, permissioned blockchain networks.

To know more about ConsenSys

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The firm was created 25 years ago, is composed of 150 lawyers, including 30 partners acting in all major areas of French and EU law. August Debouzy is a full-service law firm and each of their practice groups is fully recognized as an expert in its sector. The firm has received the award 2019 of Best French Law Firm, by The Lawyer.

Its 150 lawyers are very sensitive to market changes and the increasingly complex needs of their clients.They are constantly on the lookout for technological developments that impact their clients' business. August Debouzy, as a leading provider of legal services, advices companies and financial players, especially in decentralized network including token economy, ICO, crypto-assets, smart contracts and proof of existence. As a result, they are always reflecting on how to use existing law to secure, comply, but also innovate and create new opportunities.