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Banking & Insurance

Since the firm was founded, we have advised banks, insurance companies, investment funds and corporations on their financing transactions. Advising both lenders and borrowers, our practice is highly regarded by market leaders, particularly because of our technical expertise and ability to get involved at a very early stage in structuring financing transactions, which can include structured finance, credit agreements, securitization, capital markets, project finance or debt restructuring.

Our team’s cross-disciplinary skills allow us to address all the issues involved in our clients’ transactions, including specific tax and regulatory considerations required for structuring investment products and contracts. Our international experience and the close relationships we maintain with local correspondent firms abroad allow us to seamlessly manage cross-border transactions.

Our teams are also trained to defend your interests in the event of a dispute, both before financial regulatory institutions and courts.

In addition, our lawyers’ expertise is well recognized in the insurance and reinsurance arena, particularly due to our extensive knowledge of regulations specific to this sector and our experience in negotiating and putting in place insurance policies.