Pro bono: August & Debouzy’s involvement in the Human Rights First Report

Communiqué Litigation - Arbitration - White Collar Crime | 14/01/16 | Marie-Hélène Bensadoun Marie Danis

Marking the anniversary of the terrorist attacks committed against Charlie Hebdo and HyperCasher, a kosher supermarket, and merely two months after the deadly attacks in Paris in November 2015, the Human Rights First organization issued a report entitled “Breaking the Cycle of Violence: countering Antisemitism and Extremism in France.” This report builds up on months of research and monitoring. It looks into the way in which the French and the US American governments can cooperate to prevent new attacks, and to promote tolerance and inclusion that will draw the path to the equilibrium between Human rights and public safety.

The issues addressed in this report assume their full scope in the current circumstances in light of the upcoming presidential election, the rise of the extremes and the influx of refugees and migrants.

The report analyzes the multiple and complex causes contributing to the rise of Antisemitism and Xenophobia. It finds that discrimination against French Muslims, immigrants and French citizens of Middle Eastern, North African or Sub-Saharan African heritage is part of a general trend in which hate speeches, whether racist, anti-Semitic or xenophobic are on the rise.

The report makes recommendations intended for governments to consistently fight against violence in order to avoid fueling a “clash of civilization” rhetoric, to promote cooperation and intergovernmental exchanges on current strategies, to prevent and respond to racial violence, and to create a joint US-French task force dedicated to the fight against racism, antisemitism and discriminations, as well as the respect of Human rights when it comes to strengthening the transatlantic security.

August & Debouzy, and in particular Marie-Hélène Bensadoun, Marie Danis, Partners, Valérie Munoz Pons, Counsel and Marcos Barradas, Associate, have contributed to the writing of this report of Human Rights First especially by providing notably legal analysis concerning France, its laws, case law and functioning of its institutions with regard to the fight against discrimination, xenophobia and antisemitism.

Supporting nonprofit organization is an integral part of the core values of August & Debouzy since its foundation. In each of its various practices, the members of the firm have a commitment to efficiently advise and counsel associations and organizations regarding all their legal issues. That is how August & Debouzy is committed to nonprofit organizations such as The Abbé Pierre Foundation, The Flyings Doctors or Joséphine acting for the beauty of women which support disadvantaged people.

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