August Debouzy accompanied Ynsect in the acquisition of the Dutch company Protifarm.

Communiqué Wealth and Asset Management Tax Law Private Equity | 15/04/21 | 1 min. | Xavier Rohmer Emilie Lecomte

Ynsect, French start-up of the Next40 specializing in animal feed and fertilizer insect farming, acquires, for an undis revealed amount, the Dutch company Protifarm recognized for its leadership in the production of insect-based ingredients for human consumption.

The acquisition of Protifarm is part of the start-up’s strategic ambition to accelerate its international expansion, its development in the human consumption market and its production capacity. With this operation, Insect will benefit from Protifarm’s commercial network in Northern Europe and acquire a third vertical farm to eventually produce more than 230,000 tons of ingredients per year. This acquisition also allows Ynsect to strengthen its portfolio of innovations with 37 new patents, as well as to benefit from 40 years of experience from precursor in the breeding if insects used in animal feed.

Ynsect’s acquisition of Protifarm comes a few weeks after EFSA’s positive opinion on the integration of the Molitor beetle into human food. Ynsect hopes with this acquisition to develop the breeding of the Buffalo beetle, for which Protifarm has also filed a file with EFSA.

With this operation, Marvesa Porteins & Fats BV, Protifarm’s main shareholder, enters the capital of Ynsect.


August debouzy’s team was composed of Xavier Rohmer (partner, Private Equity), Emilie Lecomte (Counsel, Tax) and Olivier Moriceau (Counsel, Financement)

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