August Debouzy reveals the 2017 Start you up Selected Participants!

Communiqué | 30/01/17 | 4 min. |

Alsid, BimBimGo, DataDome, Night4US, Quable, Yoyo are the 6 selected start-ups that have been awarded one-year Start you up support.

Start you up is August Debouzy’s dedicated legal support program for start-ups.

This year, applications were to include a video film. During a whole week, the 35 applicants had the possibility to invite all of their connections to vote for them via the voting platform on the Start you up website. 4,880 votes in total. The 15 start-ups totaling the most votes presented their projects to a panel of the firm’s lawyers. 6 contestants were selected by the panel members based on their innovative and remarkable ideas as well as their future prospects. This year also very different sectors were represented: software programs, food retail, collaborative platforms, etc.

“Our program has been a success for four running years, both for the new entrepreneurs and for our teams. Thanks to this support, the start-ups can focus on their core business and development. For the firm’s teams, it is extremely exciting to confront their ambitions and issues! The adaptation required in terms of service and solutions is truly an opportunity for our comprehensive approach to client relationship” says Gilles August.

Over the past few years, August Debouzy has confirmed its position in the ecosystem of promising start-ups and provided support to more than 200 start-ups. For the purpose of meeting the expectations of these fast-growing businesses, the firm provides tailored services to suit the start-ups’ respective level of maturity and development. It provides support in connection with their fundraising actions as well as solving their day-to-day legal issues.

About Start you up:
Upon entering the Start you up program, each startup is sponsored by one August Debouzy partner who acts as its dedicated contact person. For one year, the start-ups’ legal issues are identified and the lawyers are teamed up so as to meet the start-ups’ needs.

Start you up is designed to make the firms’ expertise available to the start-ups, as well as its sharp knowledge of these businesses’ needs: trademark registration and protection, patent protection, first hires, designing employment contracts, general terms of use and privacy policy for their websites, tax issues, shareholders’ agreements, and so on. The selected participants are also granted access to the firm’s network and ecosystem.

Each of the six start-ups expressed what this support means to them: Start-ups:

Providing our business networks effective protection against cyberattacks.
"August Debouzy’s assistance helps us in our dealings with our clients and partners."

Chef cuisine delivered within 10 minutes on campuses.
“Starting a business means growing within a framework. This support gives us a better understanding of, and control over, this framework.”

A French startup specializing in cybersecurity and online data monetization.
“Increasing data production on the Internet raises new issues related to the protection and use of streamed data. Support is essential.”

Mobile app for discovering, listening to live artists nearby, and buying tickets, quite simply!
“At Night4Us, there are multiple legal issues that need to be addressed: data management, online ticketing, musical streaming, and so on. Getting specialized skill support is strategic for us.”

Innovative collaborative solution for managing product information and rationalizing omnichannel distribution.“
"Getting legal support makes it possible to develop our product as well as new global strategies, safely.”

The fist website that rewards people for improving and increasing waste sorting.
“As a starting businessman, I have many legal issues to resolve, ranging from the company’s bylaws to HR and contract drafting... I needed support for all of these.”

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