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Thinking Strategically about your Assets

Whether it be in France or aboard, our leading asset management team is prepared to handle your every need.

Utilizing their comprehensive knowledge of financial, tax and real estate regulations, our lawyers offer bespoke guidance on the establishment, management, and transfer of personal and corporate assets. 

Our team is comprised of leading experts in civil, estate and corporate law, with additional specialties in corporate, personal and estate tax.

Working closely with top notarial firms, we stop at nothing to ensure the security of clients’ assets and transactions. 


Development of asset management strategies

Our lawyers will expertly manage your wealth and assets across a wide range of areas, including:

  • Philanthropic endeavours (endowment funds, foundations, philanthropy)
  • Sustainability funds
  • Matrimonial regimes 
  • Life insurance and endowment contracts 
  • Division of shares and real estate assets
  • Creation and management of wealth structures (civil societies, foreign holding companies) 
  • Executive compensation packages 

Development of wealth and inheritance management strategies

With extensive experience in wealth and asset management, August Debouzy will protect all your transactions.

Our lawyers offer expert guidance on every aspect of family transfer strategies, including will drafting, protection of designated heirs, asset valuation, and estate settlement.

Our team is also well-equipped to conduct pre-inheritance audits and can quickly address any legal or financial risks for our clients. 

Tax Return Assistance

We are perfectly positioned to take charge of your tax return needs, including the drafting of income and real estate tax declarations. 

International Wealth and Inheritance Management

August Debouzy’s international outlook, including numerous memberships to foreign bars and an extensive network of leading firms around the globe, means that we can provide unrivalled support to our clients, no matter the jurisdiction. 

In the context of international inheritance law, our lawyers advise on issues relating to divorce, succession, and marriage, identifying the most favourable jurisdictions and outcomes for our clients.

Our team is also used to assisting both French and foreign clients with asset declaration and regularization to French authorities, having spent years navigating the country’s complex rules and regulations.

Tax Audit Assistance

Our lawyers can assist clients with every aspect of tax audits and are especially experienced with complex audits. 

.We also help clients whose unique succession circumstances have led to fiscal issues. 

In cases of property value contestations, we will tirelessly protect your interests, ensuring that every tax audit is handled with the utmost care and precision.

Family wealth disputes

In cases of successions, shareholder agreements, or business transmissions, we prioritize reaching a mutually agreeable settlement. If this is not achievable, we will represent and defend our clients in court. Our team will provide comprehensive assistance throughout the often intricate and sensitive realm of family inheritance conflicts. 


  • Working languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish and German


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