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Crimes related to changes in new technology are more and more frequent.All organizations are affected. The processes used in such attacks vary and are increasingly sophisticated. Cyberattacks can result in the encryption of files to obtain a ransom, but also to steal and publish data about employees, clients and business partners which can be personal or related to business and know-how. The consequences can be serious for both private and state-owned companies in terms of reputation, improper payments, production losses, decline in share prices, compensation to entities or persons whose data was disclosed, regulatory sanctions, IT costs to identify vulnerabilities, repairs and replacement of infected material and information of those affected, etc. Our lawyers stand by you to support you throughout such situations. They are involved in identifying security vulnerabilities, evidence and liability. They advise you on the preventive measures to put in place, as well as on filing complaints and preparing responses in criminal matters, on setting up appropriate corporate communications, and finally on best practices to insure against such risks.