August Debouzy advised the Trigano Group on the acquisitions of the CLC, SLC and Loisireo groups.

Communiqué Private Equity M&A Wealth and Asset Management Tax Law | 22/03/21 | 1 min. | Xavier Rohmer Julien Wagmann Ruben Grouchka

August Debouzy has assisted the Trigano group, a specialist in motorhome and caravans, in doing so an exclusive negotiation for the acquisition of 70% of the CLC, SLC and Loisireo groups, distributors of leisure vehicles  in Europe that employ about 800 people and have 44 points of sale of motorhomes and caravans in France.

The Trigano group, number one of motorhomes and caravans in Europe, has entered into negotiations for the acquisition of 70% of the capital and voting rights of the CLC, SLC and Loisireo groups. The three beneficiary companies together realized a turnover of around €400 million in 2020.

The contribution of consolidated turnover resulting from the acquisition of these entities, whose leaders will continue to lead and develop their respective groups, would be in the order of 350 million euros.

Confirming its status as an essential player in the market through this acquisition, the European leader in motorhomes will thus continue his investment in the distribution of leisure vehicles in Europe.


Juridical advices:


August Debouzy’s teams were composed of:

In Private equity and Tax: Xavier Rohmer (partner) and Nastasia Szenik (lawyer)
In M&A and private equity: Julien Wagmann (partner), Ruben Groucnka (senior lawyer) and Paola Magrit (intern)


About Trigano

Trigano is a French company group, created in 1935 by Edgard Trigano, specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of vehicles and leisure equipment/ leader in the motorhomes market in France and Europe, the Trigano group has various business units across Europe as well as about twenty factories in France. It employs more than 8 000 people and realizes a turnover of 2.33 billion euros in 2019. Introduced on the stock exchange in 1998, the CEO, François Feuillet is now the majority shareholder of the company.

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