August Debouzy advisor of the sellers in the context of the sale of Inqom to Visma

Communiqué M&A | 15/11/22 | 2 min. | Julien Wagmann Juliette Vachet Maxime Legourd Myles Begley Mahasti Razavi Marie-Charlotte Hustache Florence Chafiol Ariane Seyed-Movaghar Philippe Lorentz Elie Bétard Héloïse Jardel Laure Khemiri Antoine Boullet

August Debouzy advised New Alpha Asset Management, Go Capital, Till Bohbot, as well as the founders (Romain Passilly, Romain Legresy and René-Pierre Marionneau) and the other main shareholders of Inqom, a Fintech that automates accounting processes, on the sale of the company to the Visma group, one of Europe’s leading providers of mission critical software with over 1.3 million private and public sector customers.

Inqom offers software that automates accounting processes through artificial intelligence. This solution allows more than 10,000 accounting firms and SMEs to automate time-consuming and complex processes, and thus become more efficient and competitive.

With a net revenue of 2,081 million euros in 2021, Visma has become one of Europe's leading providers of mission-critical business software, simplifying and automating the work of companies and organisations of all sizes. Visma has customers across the Nordics, Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, and employs over 15,000 people.

Its sale to Visma represents for Inqom the possibility to open up to new and significant market opportunities both to attract new talent and keep up with rising demands from its clients. The combination of Inqom's and Visma's services and expertise will position the company as the preferred partner for accounting firms and SMEs to help them tackle the future challenges of the digital world.

Inqom's current management team remains in place, and the company will continue developing and marketing its products under the same brand, in accordance with Visma's autonomous governance model.

The various departments of August Debouzy have been advising Inqom for several years on its daily legal activities and advised Inqom during its last two fundraisings.

Legal advisors:

August Debouzy advised the main shareholders of Inqom.

August Debouzy's corporate team was composed of Julien Wagmann, partner, Laure Khemiri, counsel, and Juliette Vachet, associate. Were also involved in this operation on the corporate aspects: Maxime Legourd, senior associate and Myles Begley, associate.

The other teams of August Debouzy were composed of:

  • Mahasti Razavi, partner and Marie-Charlotte Hustache, senior associate, Antoine Boullet, associate, for IT and commercial contracts matters; 
  • Florence Chafiol, partner, Ariane Seyed-Movaghar and Héloïse Jardel, associate, for IP and Data matters; and
  • Philippe Lorentz, partner, and Elie Bétard, senior associate, for tax law matters.
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