Olivier Lasmoles, the winner of the 12th edition of the Olivier Debouzy Prize for his work "Criminal Law Takes the Spotlight," stood alongside Mister T, the winner of the 3rd edition of the Caricature Prize

Communiqué August Debouzy | 12/06/23 | 4 min. |

The award ceremony for the 12th Olivier Debouzy Prize and the 3rd Caricature Prize, organized by The Club des Juristes and August Debouzy, took place on Thursday, June 8th, in the presence of nearly 200 legal professionals, academics, and students. In this 2023 edition, the Olivier Debouzy Prize was bestowed upon Olivier Lasmoles for his work "Criminal Law Takes the Spotlight," published by LexisNexis. Additionally, editorial cartoonist Mister T emerged as the victor of the 3rd Caricature Prize.

For over a decade, the Olivier Debouzy Prize has been recognizing the legal productions from the realm of law that are the most unconventional, original, or subversive over the past twelve months. With nearly fifty literary works in contention, the 2023 edition of the Prize enjoyed a particularly rich array of submissions. This prize thus honors a year characterized by the high quality and diversity of the submissions, which included numerous essays, scientific articles, novels, and even tales. Reflecting the profound changes that law accompanies, the jury was delighted to delve into a multitude of themes such as artificial intelligence, addiction, climate, cyberattacks, utopia, and ultimately, cinema.

Bringing together eminent personalities from the academic world, law, and institutions, the jury of this 12th edition, presided over by Nicolas Bavarez (Partner, August Debouzy), comprised the following members: Pierre Chevalier (Legal Director of Caisse des Dépôts), Nicole Belloubet (Former Minister of Justice, former member of the Constitutional Council, President of the Club des Juristes), Julie Klein (Professor at Sciences Po Law School, member of the Club des Juristes), Jean-Baptiste Parlos (President of the Rennes Court of Appeal, member of the Club des Juristes), Mathias Fekl (Former Minister of the Interior, founding partner of Audit-Duprey-Fekl law firm), Michel Dobkine (Secretary-General of the Havas Group, member of the Club des Juristes), Catherine Pautrat (First President of the Lyon Court of Appeal, member of the Club des Juristes), and Mélanie Thill-Tayara (Lawyer at the Court, associate at Dechert law firm, member of the Club des Juristes).


For the third consecutive year, the Olivier Debouzy Prize was accompanied by the presentation of the Caricature Prize. This award, which complements the literary distinction, and this year recognizes an original and daring drawing on the theme "The Right to Speak Up," was granted to the editorial cartoonist, Mister T, for his caricature entitled "Animal Abuse, Police Trained to Receive Complaints." The jury, presided over by Basile Ader (Partner, August Debouzy), included the following members: Jérôme Sibille (Director of General Administration and Legal Affairs, Member of the Executive Committee and Secretary-General of Administration, LVMH), Mykaïa (Editorial Cartoonist, Winner of the 2022 Caricature Prize), and Guillaume Doizy (Cartoonist and Press Historian).



About the Olivier Debouzy Prize

The Olivier Debouzy Prize recognizes the legal publication that has made a significant impact on the world of law over the past 12 months and has brought forth an original, unconventional, or subversive perspective. It was established in 2011 as a tribute to Olivier Debouzy, the founding partner of the August Debouzy law firm, an expert in strategic matters, and a former member of the Club des Juristes, who passed away in April 2010. Renowned for his candor, cultural insights, and sense of humor, Olivier Debouzy's persona and journey served as inspiration for the creation of this prize, dedicated to honoring the disruptor of legal ideas of the year.



About the Club des Juristes

Founded in 2007, the Club des Juristes is the first French legal think tank. Serving as an independent hub for legal debates and proposals, it brings together professionals from diverse backgrounds around legal matters. Judges, lawyers, notaries, professors, and corporate representatives collectively engage in forward-thinking discussions about the most prominent legal issues.
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