August & Debouzy advises ABC (Association Bilan Carbone) in connection with the purchase of the “Carbon Footprint” method from ADEME

Article | 09/11/11 | 0 min. | Grégoire Desrousseaux Charles Bouffier

ABC is an association that was specifically set up in July 2011 to manage and develop the Carbon Footprint method initially owned by ADEME, the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Efficiency.

The Carbon Footprint is the most widely-used method to calculate greenhouse gas emissions, both for companies in the manufacturing and service industries and for public agencies and authorities.

As the entry into force of the new Grenelle provisions draws nearer (due for late 2012), which will make it mandatory for many companies and public authorities to calculate their carbon footprint, the ADEME has decided to sell this method - used extensively in France - to the ABC association, in order to develop and promote it, particularly abroad.

Grégoire Desrousseaux, partner, and Charles Bouffier, associate, advised on the intellectual property and contractual aspects of the transaction.

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