The media sector encompasses a large typology of actors operating in industries such as press, publishing, communications and advertising, culture, film and TV program production, music creation and production, as well as influence marketing.

These actors face similar issues in terms of intellectual property, copyright, personal data protection and, depending on the regulatory framework relevant to them and applicable rules, certain particularities arise under employment law (status of employees, temporary entertainment industry performers, etc.), tax law and other areas.

Our experience, in particular with press publishers, television channels, and communication and advertising agencies, as well as with numerous companies (advertisers) faced with issues of image, has enabled us to acquire the know-how and tools specific to these ecosystems and to develop a broad network of judges, regulators, trade unions and professional organizations, etc.

We know how to create ambitious projects and implement their marketing in France and abroad, and have the necessary resources to act quickly and efficiently in any situation so requiring: litigation, harm to image, etc.


  • Protection of intellectual and intangible assets
    (copyright, patents, designs, trademarks, etc.)
  • Advice and representation in infringement claims
  • Prevention and management of online reputation risks
    (specific dedicated offer)
  • Prevention and protection of companies' reputational assets
    (defamation, disparagement, etc.)
  • Crisis communication
    with specialized partners in the event of damage to a company's image and reputation