August Debouzy advises the Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) on the acquisition of its stake in Areva TA

Communiqué | 31/03/17 | Valéry Denoix de Saint Marc Philippe Lorentz Emmanuelle Mignon Anaïs Qureshi Mahasti Razavi Alexandra Berg-Moussa Laure Arnon-Duquesnoy Emmanuel Weicheldinger Laura Ziegler Julien Wlodarczyk Pauline Radovitch Laetitia Leloup

August Debouzy advised the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) on the acquisition, alongside the State Investment Agency (APE) and French shipbuilder DCNS, of Areva SA’s entire stake in Areva TA, i.e. 83.5% of its share capital.

The CEA acquired 20.32% of its share capital.

Areva TA, which has been renamed Technicatome, is specialized in the design and maintenance of nuclear reactors of the French Navy. Its capital is now held as follows: French State (APE) 50.32%, CEA: 20.32%, DNCS: 20.32% (previously 6.5%) and EDF, which will keep 9.03%.

The total value of the deal was €559 million.

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