Pierre Sellal, a key player in major european negociations, is joining August Debouzy

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Pierre Sellal is joining August-Debouzy as a Senior Counsel. As a French Ambassador, he has devoted most of his career to European affairs.For over ten years, he served as ambassador and Permanent Representative of France to the European Union in Brussels.

After a his 40-year career as a diplomat, mainly handling European Affairs, Pierre Sellal decided to bring his expertise in European and international environmental matters to the clients of August Debouzy. As a Permanent Representative of France to the European Union in Brussels, where he held this position over the course of many periods, he was directly involved in all the major European negotiations. While a French ambassador, he also held the position of Cabinet Director and then General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Pierre Sellal has also acted as a French negotiator, both directly and on an ongoing basis, in developing EU law legal instruments across all the EU’s areas of competence and in defining related policies, with the leader of Council of Ministers, but also with the European Parliament as co-legislator and the Commission. Recent examples include directives and regulations related to the establishment of the EU banking union, the single digital market, policies related to energy transition; legislation aimed to combat the financing of terrorism; tax harmonization directives, trade policy, judicial cooperation, etc.

His experience is an additional strength with regard to the firm’s international growth and in advising clients on their development strategies in Europe and across the world. His extensive knowledge of geostrategic issues will contribute to enlightening and enhancing the advice the firm provides on international investment and cooperation projects.

Joining August Debouzy is the start of a new stage of my career in which I plan to work alongside the firm’s clients and its teams so that they may benefit from my experience and insight”, comments Pierre Sellal, Senior Counsel.

“We are delighted to have Pierre Sellal join our team. The firm will benefit from his experience and his keen expertise of procedures, institutions, methods and EU law. He will contribute to strengthening the firm’s visibility, credibility and leadership on topics related to European environmental matters as well as with regard to EU institutions,” emphasizes Mahasti Razavi, managing partner.

About Pierre Sellal

A graduate of the Strasbourg Law School and former student of ENA, the elite French administration school (1975-1977), Pierre Sellal started his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has devoted most of his career to European issues, including acting as the Permanent Representative of France to the European Union. For over ten years he was the ambassador and Permanent Representative (from 2002 to 2009, period during which he was in charge of the presidency held by France in 2008, and then from 2014 to the end of 2017) and five years prior to that he was the Deputy Permanent Representative specifically in charge of legal affairs related to the establishment and the functioning of the internal market (1992-1997). In addition, he was the Minister’s Cabinet Director (1997-2002) and General Secretary (2009-2014) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2008, he was appointed French ambassador. Pierre Sellal was also appointed Chairman of the Board of the Fondation de France on May 30, 2017.


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