August Debouzy’s German Desk : A bi-cultural approach at the service of German and French companies

Communiqué | 12/09/19 | 2 min. |

AUGUST DEBOUZY confirms its Franco-German ambitions and sets up its German Desk,  a team of lawyers advising companies from German-speaking countries on setting up or expanding in France and on cross-border matters, as well as French companies on their projects in German-speaking countries. 

Staffed by about 20 trilingual (English-French-German) lawyers, August Debouzy’s German Desk assists its German-speaking clients in France with their development, setting up their business relationships, managing their human capital, the protection of their intangible assets and the compliance of their business activity. 

The lawyers in the German Desk provide clients with the benefit of their strong legal, cultural and linguistic franco-german background, as well as their experience in economic and financial relationships between France and German-speaking countries. 

For each matter, a member of the German Desk coordinates the work with subject-matter specialists within the firm in all relevant areas of business law.  For projects by French companies in German-speaking countries, August Debouzy relies on its partner firms, chosen on the basis of common experience, due to first-class technical standards and ability to be responsive to the needs of companies. 

“Supporting your projects in and across France and Germany, Austria, Switzerland, our German Desk addresses the increased trade relationships between these countries.  In this context, our clients are given the possibility of relying on lawyers who perfectly master the German culture with whom they feel thoroughly in line with”, said Valéry Denoix de Saint Marc, partner heading the German Desk. 


Setting up August debouzy’s German Desk will provide the opportunity to organize a series of four seminars presenting how French and German-speaking lawyers and business people respectively face common challenges:

- BEPS, ATAD or the recent ECJ decisions on beneficial ownership – impacts on cross-border investment structures in Germany and France

- Staff representation in Germany & France: powers & duties

- How do French and German law meet the challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence?

- Acquisition of companies between France and Germany: what are the advantages? How to get prepared to it?


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