Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property and Competition Law Review – 1st edition

Article Competition, Retail and Consumer Law Commercial and International Contracts Patent Law | 06/11/20 | 1 min. | François Pochart Renaud Christol

François Pochart, Mathilde Rauline and Renaud Christol have co-written the French Chapter of the Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property and Competition Law Review (Edition 1).

This chapter goes through the following topics :

- the Pharmaceutical regulatory framework, provided by the Public Health Code, Regulation EC No. 726/2004 and the Social Security Code ;
- the pharmaceutical patent regulation and litigation ;
- the encouragement of innovation through tax incentives such as the R&D Tax Credit or the new IP tax regime ;
- the steps to follow to have a new drug, a generic, a biologic or a biosimilar approved ;
- the absence of stricto sensu « patent linkage » in France
- the work of administrative authorities such as the French Competition Authority (FCA) and the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF), in enforcing the rules of competition law in the pharmaceutical field  and fight against anticompetitive practices ;
- the essential rules of merger control in France.


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