August Debouzy assists Alsid in its sale to Tenable group

Communiqué | 16/02/21 | 3 min. | Julien Wagmann François Richard Myles Begley Vincent Brenot Guillaume Potin Florence Chafiol Alexandra Berg-Moussa Thibaut Amourette Diane Reboursier Clément Jottreau Philippe Lorentz Elie Bétard

August Debouzy assisted Alsid, a specialist in the Active Directory security market, in its sale to Tenable Holdings, Inc., a specialist in Cyber Exposure, it being specified that the transaction remains subject to obtaining the applicable regulatory approvals.

Alsid offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with an on premise deployment option that monitors Active Directory security in real time. Its solution enables users to find and correct existing cyber vulnerabilities through real time threat assessment and detection.

The acquisition of Alsid will enable Tenable to manage the exploitation and abuse of user privileges, a favorite tactic of hackers, via Active Directory. Tenable and Alsid are joining forces to provide users with a more holistic view of risk and a more comprehensive approach to cyber preparedness.

Emmanuel Gras and Luc Delsalle, founders of Alsid, will join Tenable's management team and continue to develop innovative Active Directory security solutions and favor expension into new international markets.

The acquisition of Alsid, based on a total purchase price of $98 million, is expected to close early in the second quarter of 2021.

Alsid is one of the companies that have benefited in the past from August Debouzy's "Start You Up" legal support program implemented in 2013, which allows many promising start ups to access all areas of the law following a competition.

Legal advice:

August Debouzy
and Cooley LLP (New York) acted as counsel to Alsid.

The Corporate August Debouzy team consisted of:

- Julien Wagmann, partner
- Laure Khemiri, senior associate
- François Richard, associate
- Myles Begley, associate

The Cooley team consisted of:

- Stéphane Levy, partner
- Robert D Sanchez, Partner
- Sean Fitzpatrick, associate
- Megan Melbourne, associate

Also assisted on this transaction form August Debouzy’s side:

- Vincent Brenot, partner, and Guillaume Potin, associate, for the public law / foreign investment control aspects;
- Florence Chafiol, partner, Alexandra Berg-Moussa, partner, Laure Arnon Duquesnoy, senior associate, and Thibaut Amourette, associate, for the IP / Data aspects;
- Diane Reboursier, counsel, and Clément Jottreau, associate, for the labor law aspects;
- Philippe Lorentz, partner, and Elie Bétard, senior associate, for the tax law aspects.


About Alsid

Founded in 2016 by two former officials of the French National Agency for Information Security (ANSSI), Alsid is a fast growing cybersecurity services provider headquartered in Paris and with a global reach. Alsid designs transparent, cost effective and timely solutions that aim to disrupt cyber attacks by defending the Active Directory (AD) infrastructures that support companies' most vital assets.


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