August Debouzy advised Rohde & Schwarz group on the sale of Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity SAS to Total Specific Solutions B.V

Communiqué Real Estate and Construction | 14/04/22 | 2 min. | Valéry Denoix de Saint Marc Philippe Durand Emmanuelle Mignon Florence Chafiol Philippe Lorentz François Pochart David Neuwirth Ludovic de Talancé Alexandre Dumortier Elie Bétard Thibaut Amourette Lea Margono Stéphanie Lapeyre Geoffroy Thill Charles Bouffier Emmanuel Weicheldinger Héloïse Jardel Nicolas Quoy Laure Bonin Emmanuel Le Galloc'h

August Debouzy, and in particular its German Desk, advised Rohde & Schwarz, a German technology group, in connection with the sale of its French subsidiary Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity, formerly known as DenyAll, to Total Specific Solutions B.V., a leading Dutch provider of vertical market software solutions.

Established in 2001, with headquarters in Meudon, France, and a research facility in Montpellier, Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity provides web application and API protection (WAAP) solutions to over 600 enterprise-level and public customers in 35 countries. Its R&S®Web Application Firewall (a leader in France with c. 25% market share) and further WAAP solutions secure applications and APIs against application-layer attacks. The company’s portfolio of solutions can be deployed on premise, in the cloud, or both, and is also offered as a managed service. The R&S®Trusted Application Factory ensures cloud-native application protection, integrating security within the code of software, a solution adjusted to the needs of DevSecOps teams.

TSS is a Netherlands-based vertical market software group with over 110 independently managed software business units and 3,900 employees in Europe. TSS is part of the ecosystem of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), a Toronto, Canada-headquartered global provider of vertical market software solutions.

This is the 14th company to join TSS in the French-speaking market and the first of the group dedicated to cyber security.

August Debouzy assisted Rohde & Schwarz with a team led by Valéry Denoix de Saint Marc (partner), David Neuwirth (senior associate) and Ludovic de Talancé (associate) on corporate aspects, Philippe Durand (partner) and Alexandre Dumortier (associate) on labor law aspects, Emmanuelle Mignon (partner) and Emmanuel Weicheldinger (senior associate) on export control, cryptology and foreign investment control aspects, Philippe Lorentz (partner) and Elie Bétard (senior associate) on tax law aspects, Nicolas Quoy (counsel), Thibaut Amourette (associate) and Léa Margono (associate) on commercial and IT law aspects, Charles Bouffier (counsel) and Héloïse Jardel (associate) on IP law aspects, Florence Chafiol (partner) and Stéphanie Lapeyre (senior associate) on Data protection aspects, François Pochart (partner) and Geoffroy Thill (European patent attorney) on patent law aspects, Laure Bonin (partner) and Emmanuel Le Galloc’h (associate) on financing aspects, Julien Wlodarczyk (counsel) on real estate aspects.

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