European Parliament adopts proposal on environmental quality of buildings

Article European Law | 22/03/23 | 1 min. |

MEPs have adopted mandatory energy efficiency and renovation targets for EU Member States.

Parliament's position on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) - which aims to decarbonise the EU's building stock by 2050 - was adopted, albeit with strong opposition, by 343 votes to 216 with 78 abstentions.

The European Parliament's position, put forward by MEP Ciarán Cuffe, proposes to classify buildings from the most efficient class (A+) - which produces no emissions - to the least efficient class (G), equivalent to the 15% least efficient buildings in each EU country.

This approach also calls on states to ensure that the worst performing non-residential and public buildings achieve class E by 2027 and class D by 2030; residential buildings should achieve class E by 2030 and class D by 2033. Under the agreement reached by a majority of MEPs, Member States can exempt up to 22% of residential buildings from these targets.

The legislation also aims to help consumers access information on retrofits, set rules on electric vehicle charging points for new buildings and require EU countries to phase out fossil fuel boilers by 2035.

The dossier will now be subject to inter-institutional negotiations with the Council.

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