August & Debouzy assisted on the share repurchase operation of Dassault Aviation with the Airbus group

Communiqué Corporate - M&A Private Equity | 18/07/16 | 0 min. | Gilles August

Aerospace & Defense

Dassault Aviation announces the repurchase of 5.5% of its capital from the Airbus group.

The Airbus group finalized its divestiture from Dassault Aviation’s capital by undertaking, the 10th of June, a private placement with institutional investors and a convertible bond into Dassault Aviation shares program.

As part of its repurchase program, Dassault Aviation has acquired, simultaneously with its investment, 502 282 shares representing 5.5% of its own shares.

Gilles August, partner and founder of the law firm August and Debouzy, accompanied by Ferenc Gonter, partner, assisted Dassault Aviation.

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