August Debouzy advised Airbus in connection with the signing of agreements with the French, U.K. and U.S. authorities

Communiqué Private Equity M&A Dispute resolution | 31/01/20 | 1 min. | Gilles August Olivier Attias

Aeronautics & Defense

August Debouzy advised Airbus on the signing of agreements with the French National Financial Office (“Parquet national financier” or “PNF”), the U.K. Serious Fraud Office and the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of State. These agreements are entered into in connection with investigations into corruption allegations and compliance with United States regulations on the sale of military equipment (International Traffic in Arms Regulations, ITAR).

The decision was approved by the Airbus group’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors and aimed at protecting the group against possible legal actions, including in the U.S., through the provisions contained in the French (Sapin II Act) and U.K. (U.K. Bribery Act) laws.

The agreements entered into by Airbus were approved by French and U.K. courts and by the U.S. court and regulator. In France, this procedure allowing the negotiation of a fine without going to trial results in the signing of a Public Interest Judicial Agreement (“Convention judiciaire d'intérêt public” or “CJIP”).

August Debouzy advised Airbus on the legal and judicial strategy to be implemented and on its negotiations with the PNF. The team who provided assistance included Gilles August (Partner) and Olivier Attias (Counsel).


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