August Debouzy assisted Aptiv with its acquisition of Krono-Safe Automotive

Communiqué | 18/01/22 | 2 min. | François Richard Alexandra Berg-Moussa Thibaut Amourette Philippe Lorentz Catherine Le Manchec Virginie Devos Florence Chafiol François Pochart Geoffroy Thill Paola Magrit Franck Gapenne

August Debouzy assisted Aptiv, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of automotive equipment, with its acquisition of Krono-Safe Automotive.

Following its acquisition of an equity interest in Krono-Safe in 2019, through a series B funding round, Aptiv has confirmed its intention to create synergies by acquiring Krono-Safe's automotive business, carried out by its subsidiary Krono-Safe Automotive, whose main asset is the Asterios Automotive Tool Suite (AAT) developed by its teams in Massy and Vannes. The AAT offers a range of integrated software which provides engineering teams with systems in order to ensure their safety and to cope with the growing complexity of software integration on single-to multi-core infrastructures. The ASTERIOS® software remains the property of Krono-Safe, which uses it in sectors other than the automotive industry (mainly aeronautics).

Legal counsels:

August Debouzy’s team consisted of:

- Julien Wlodarczyk, counsel, François Richard and Paola Magrit, associates, for the corporate aspects;
- Alexandra Berg-Moussa, partner, and Thibaut Amourette, associate, for the contracts and IT aspects;
- Philippe Lorentz, partner, and Franck Gapenne, associate, for the tax aspects;
- Catherine Le Manchec and Virginie Devos, partners, and Mathilde Pety, associate, for the labour law aspects;
- Florence Chafiol, partner, and Laure Arnon-Duquesnoy, senior associate, for the IP aspects;
- François Pochart, partner, and Geoffroy Thill, associate, for the patent aspects.
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