From innovation to value creation

Together with you, we protect and enhance the value of your immaterial capital.

Innovation associated with technological progress is now a universal unit of measurement of the value of a business on the market.

While, for a long time, valuations of intangible assets have focused on the areas of technology and science – the domain of patents – they now include much more varied, more subjective, areas encompassing all the innovative “assets” of a business. From brands, to their influence on networks, a business’s intangible value covers an infinite number of assets, often scarcely identified or not identified at all, and consequently, not valued.

August Debouzy supports a cross-disciplinary approach using the synergy between our IP, patents, IT, corporate, social, contract and tax teams, including lawyers and engineers, and taking all stakeholders into account: directors, brands, operational departments, researchers and investors. 

The firm is always at the forefront of developments, pushing the boundaries of mere protection of the intangible to reveal, quantify and value intangible assets and make them part of a business’s value creation and performance.


Innovation is is now a universal unit of measurement of the value of a business on the market.

De l'innovation à la création de valeurr

With the benefit of our historic practice in IP/IT, we can discover the new intangible assets to identify and reveal a business’s full asset value.

  • New assets (data, etc.)
  • Intangible assets (brands, compliance, etc.)

We make it our business to reconcile a business’s necessary adaptation to its market with the necessary protection of its creations, innovations and inventions.

In addition to protecting these and capitalizing on them, the crucial issue today is to quickly “materialize” the progress of a brand or a business on the market. This “Time to Market” strategy, which matches a business’s main strategy to its market context, and includes requirements concerning agility and responsiveness, is becoming crucial to the success of businesses and of the modern entrepreneur.

In the same way as innovation itself, methods of innovating are also evolving.

Whether internal or external, collaboration is becoming one of the tools of innovation or creation. The legal arrangements governing collaboration require the know-how that we possess in several sectors, at the intersection between contract and IP/IT:

  • Joint ventures
  • Technological transfers
  • EIGs
  • Partnerships
  • Industrial cooperation
  • Intrapreneurship and employed creators
  • Spin-offs
  • Technological consortiums

Brands, which are an intangible asset of a business, are difficult to value. The stronger they are, the more important they are in the valuation of a business. The criteria used to value them are of a legal, financial and marketing nature. Our skills in corporate, tax and brands, combined with those of our partners, enable us to give precise answers in any given situation.

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