From risks to security

Know-how and experience to The challenge is the ability of the company to constantly update its risk analysis and to adapt to it with agility.

One of the major imperatives of businesses today is to identify and map risks, a concept that now covers diverse and shifting realities. It affects all the business’s areas of activity, whether “traditional” (in the tax, employment, commercial and financial spheres) or “novel” (data, environment, reputation, etc.).

Faced with this growing complexity and the extension of a business’s responsibilities, the challenge is for a business to have the ability to constantly update its risks analysis and to be agile enough to adapt to it.

Our lawyers are conscious of these challenges and use their legal know-how and their cross-disciplinary skills to help businesses analyze their risks, protect against them, transfer them, and deal with them when they occur.

Our approach is modeled as closely as possible on the realities and specific features of businesses and their sector, encompassing all the risks transfer or insurance solutions that can be envisaged for modern businesses.

Our teams are forward-thinking and agile, and they use their expertise to take account of new social or environmental requirements, the increasing influence of new standards or “soft law” (CSR charter, environmental charter, etc.), and fundamental freedoms.

The challenge is the ability of the company to update its risk analysis constantly and to adapt to it with agility.

Des risques à la sécurité

Our teams analyze and map the risks inherent in your activity, in light of the specific features of your sector and the evolution of your environment:

  • Inherent risks and new risks
  • Occurrence scenarios

Preventing or safeguarding against risks involves a synergy between experts on the contractual, insurance and legal aspects concerned.

  • Internal safeguarding: contractual solutions
  • External safeguarding: insurance solutions

Part of our business is the unforeseen.

We defend businesses using a wide range of tools, from litigation in the courts to all the alternative dispute resolution mechanisms:

  • Litigation in the courts
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation

We manage the crises inherent in such risks both from a legal standpoint and in terms of image. We combine our expertise with crisis communicators to resolve these sensitive situations in the best possible way.

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Businesses and directors are facing new challenges and they can be held liable in new ways

  • Environmental offences
  • Institutional psychological harassment
  • Criminal offences
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