From Vision to Business Model

Guide you in your transformation.

In order to validate, advance, consolidate or safeguard a business and its economic model, all its legal, public, regulatory, financial, human, local and international dimensions have to be taken into account and controlled.

The structuring, transition or transformation of a business model pose real challenges on markets that are constantly evolving.

Whether in terms of the internationalization of operations, increased sensitivity to ethical and environmental issues, or taking account of the specific fiscal and regulatory aspects of each sector, August Debouzy covers and adapts to every structural dimension of your business model using its proven methodology and its ability to effectively mobilize a multidisciplinary team with a very high level of technical ability.

Each of our lawyers works in synergy with the firm’s various specialties, and particularly with the corporate, employment, tax and public law departments, to provide our clients with a reliable and qualitative structuring solution that satisfies the highest regulatory requirements.

Regardless of the variables or unknowns of your structuring project, August Debouzy uses all its legal knowledge, its national and international networks and its lawyers’ creativity to clarify the issues you face and to provide you with a solution in any circumstances, at each stage of your transformation. 

The structuring, transition or transformation of a business model pose real challenges on markets that are constantly evolving.

De la vision au business model

Our restructuring and employment law teams work in synergy to support directors and staff representative bodies in the reorganization of businesses, whether in the context of disposals of subsidiaries or site closures.

We also assist those taking over companies in difficulty in the context of the training of staff in new activities.

We advise growing businesses and businesses in transformation using the firm’s wide range of multidisciplinary expertise. We assist our clients at every stage and with every requirement in their Scale-up operations, bringing our long sector-based experience to bear.      

Forward thinking is in our DNA, and we develop and optimize the legal framework for the production and marketing of new products and services through the understanding and deployment of new, innovative growth channels, tools and levers. 

Our lawyers have detailed knowledge, and experience that is unique on the legal market, of European and international regulations, thanks to our partners throughout the world.

The strength of our practice enables us to anticipate legal developments affecting businesses’ legal and tax structures and to adapt their governance to these new frameworks.

Since its foundation, our firm has had an international dimension, including seasoned lawyers who are members of many foreign bar associations. Our understanding and our recognized mastery of geopolitics and global economic challenges enable us to assist businesses and large companies with their international external growth transactions.

We are conscious of the necessity for businesses to retain their best talents and can develop and contribute to putting in place their internal employee motivation policies. This involves the development of intrapreneurship, the optimization of quality of life at work policies and of policies to prevent psychosocial risks, the organization of training, and the introduction of incentivizing compensation policies.

Transforming one’s business to match organizational changes and expectations is vital if one is to keep up with the market. We can work with you to put new working methods in place (telecommuting, near-shoring, flexible working hours, etc.) and to put new team formats together (employees/independent workers). 

On the initiative of the Start You Up competition and growth program, providing tailor-made legal support aimed at innovative start-ups and businesses, we assist with and clarify the specific issues facing such new businesses, particularly in terms of tax, legal structure, and protection of their assets and interests when investors become involved.

We act as a genuine partner, offering legal support appropriate to your stage of development. We contribute to making your business sustainable in tomorrow’s world.

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