It is not
the strongest of the species that survives,
nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is most

to change.

charles darwin

By your side to give you
A head start

A new Brand
to build on our continuous growth...

In a rapidly changing and increasingly complex market, we want to build a strong brand with the aim to:

_Be the key partner in our clients’ success by providing them strategic and expert advice.

_Attract the finest talent and continue to deepen the firm’s diversity.

_Develop our growth drivers.

_Accelerate our international momentum .


We want to unite our clients, our partners as well as our own professional talent under one banner.

With a brand you can trust, work with and reach out into the future.

A new image,
A new client

The elements of
our new brand

Keeping consistent with our brand’s values, our new image reflects our commitment to being enterprising, by providing more than just legal advice.
Our new brand is innovative, triggers surprise and prolongs the client experience.

  • 01 A signature to identify us

    With curves and minimalist lines our signature forms our initials.

    Like a fingerprint, it reflects our name.

    In capital letters without an ampersand, the name illustrates the stability and longevity of the firm. As a whole, it is innovative and unique, and also pays tribute to the firm’s founders.

  • 02 Contrast and gradients

    A palette of pastel and vivid colors, that warm up our black logo, symbolic of French style, and bring it to life.

    Presented in pairs (one warm color, one cool color), they embody the focused and enthusiastic spirit of our firm.

  • 03 A unique visual universe

    Unknown territories that reflect our firm’s ability to support clients beyond the beaten path and in highly complex situations, or colorful off-beat images, that set us apart and create a bond.

  • 04 A light and secure tone

    We use a light and secure tone to share our know-how, and stay close and accessible.

    We use a simple, warm and precise tone to express our expertise.

  • 05 A brand, a true statement of what we believe in

    « Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit for over 20 years, our law firm offers more than just legal advice.

    With 130 lawyers who are interested in you and work alongside you to help you grow, manage your teams, innovate, add value to your assets, forge partnerships, resolve conflicts, meet your obligations and strengthen your position in the marketplace.

    In a rapidly changing world, we are committed to providing you diligence, enthusiasm and agility. The solutions we build together with you allow you to anticipate and ultimately help you to have an edge and stay ahead.

    August Debouzy, a French brand, by your side around the world. »

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