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by your side to help you innovate in a safe legal environment.

Web 3 is a new internet paradigm that emphasizes decentralization, transparency, privacy, and user autonomy. It entails the integration of tools based on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or even the metaverse, and it affects a wide range of industries and business types. Gavin Wood, who was involved in the development of Ethereum, the second most important cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, coined the term Web3 in 2014.


This new ecosystem brings novel legal challenges for the companies participating in it.

Our web3 team

They are savvy and can collaborate efficiently with your legal, IT, innovation, digital transformation, and developer teams.

Our lawyers combine legal expertise and technical knowledge of Blockchain, crypto, and the metaverse. They provide advice and training on new legal challenges, as well as assistance in designinig safe projects that meet clients' objectives.
Mahasti RazaviManaging Partner
Our ambition

We protect your interests

We advise at all stages of project development, whether you are a Web3 pure player, a digital service provider, a blockchain specialist, or just thinking about implementing a Web3-related project. We identify the risks your project faces, and help you mitigate them.

For traditional businesses, our team trains your management and employees on the opportunities and risks associated with your industry and projects, be it the creation of a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the sale of assets in the metaverse, the development of tracking and authentication systems for your products, or the creation of bespoke digital wallets.


Ours is a proactive approach, geared towards understanding all the risks related to Web3.

Our focus is on the legal aspects of your projects and external growth goals, looking at: Contacts
  • Taxation - defining the tax and accounting components of blockchain-based products, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies; identifying and managing fiscal risks; other fiscal implications for digital assets; resale rights and compensations, etc.
  • Dematerialized fundraising (STOs, ICOs)
  • Creation and sale of NFTs
  • Contracts
  • Intellectual property and copyright, transfer of exploitation rights
  • Compliance, especially in relation to anti-corruption and anti-money laundering regulation
  • Identification of sanctions and relationship-building with regulators (Financial Markets Authority, National Gaming Authority, National Data Protection Commission, etc.)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Legal and fiscal structuring of consortia, entities, and operators using blockchain technology
  • Audit and due diligence, transactions, and financing for external growth operations
  • Pre-litigation and litigation assistance before all relevant jurisdictions, depending on the case.

Experience Informs Expertise

We act at the heart of the Web3 ecosystem, on all legal and strategic challenges, in a variety of sectors - from the energy and luxury markets, to investment funds and pure Web3 players.

  • Pure Web3 and Tech players

    Counsel to a cryptocurrency trading platform on the contractual agreements regimenting activity on the platform (including remuneration structure and tax).

    Advice to a French unicorn in the fantasy football and NFT cards sector, on the development of licensing/partnership models and on negotiations with the professional sports world to obtain IT licenses for their platform.

  • Luxury market

    Support of a major brand in the development of a new blockchain-based technology for product authentication against counterfeiting.

    Creation of an entity dedicated to the development of product recognition technology built on blockchain, aimed at combatting counterfeiting, and the "grey market", for a leading industry player.

    Training of a luxury brand's teams on NFT and cryptocurrency regulation, especially in relation to tax, accounting, anti-money laundering and anti-corruption, corporate, and environmental implications.

  • Financial Services

    Assistance with a company’s Security Token Offering (STO) process aimed at raising funds, through the issuance of digitalized shares, to acquire commercial properties.

    Counsel to a US fund on its minority stake in a French start-up focused creating NFTs and Web3 solutions for luxury brands.

  • The Public Sector

    Support of a major French economic institution creating the first public blockchain.

    Assistance to several public institutions and businesses in the creation of the first public blockchain. The newly formed joint venture provides an innovative service for anchoring and certifying documents and information related to individuals and businesses in Europe.

  • Foodtech

    Counsel to a food start-up creating and selling a collection of NFTs, mixing artwork and green community.

    Support to a leading food company creating and selling a collection of NFTs.

Our team is always curious about the latest changes in the tech world.

We constantly monitor the impact of technological advancements on your operations, as well as the current and future regulatory challenges associated with them (technology law, cybersecurity, intellectual property, litigation, real estate law, mergers and acquisitions, tax law, and so on) at both the national and European levels.

Our long-standing presence in the technology sector, supporting IT solution providers, users, startups, and consortia formed around strategic digital projects, has enabled us to build an excellent understanding of the French, European, and international legislative frameworks relating to digital technology, as well as to master all technical aspects.

Our desire to stay ahead led us to create an STO offer as early as 2018 (an effective and secure alternative for financial actors looking to attract investors). Additionally, our Start You Up program has formed close ties with the French Tech scene, with our team always in tune with the latest technological advancements.