A strategic and tactical vision of the law to shape the future

The recent health crisis has caused unprecedented disruption to the balance of our economy, politics and society. Due to its economic consequences and the many regulatory measures imposed, the law has become one of the main areas of concern for businesses. Our approach is to be responsive, dedicated and pragmatic, and to see the law as contributing to the construction of the conditions for a return to sustainable growth.

Continuation of business activity, economic recovery, business reorganization, protection of employees and consumers, effects on multilateralism (the current basis for international trade relations), CSR and ethical plans, digitization, litigation, temporary nationalization, foreign investments, increased public procurement, the ending of the economic and social safety nets put in place in the midst of the crisis, fiscal instability, and environmental concerns – these are all areas that require us to adjust the way we work, trade and develop, or even to reinvent ourselves.

We are closely involved and embedded in the affairs of the public and private companies that we advise and can work alongside you to find appropriate and distinctive solutions depending on your business sector and the challenges you face.

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Recovery and building for the future

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Regardless of their business sector, and whether they are developing strongly or are in difficulty, all businesses and their stakeholders are facing major changes.

Our approach is to take account of all the legal, economic and political dimensions so as to clarify your decisions. We work with you to adapt, innovate and reorganize your company, your business, your human resources, your supply chain and your contracts. We can help you safeguard your business and can defend your interests in any jurisdictions.

Our experience and knowledge of the French and international economic environment and our understanding of the decisions of administrative and regulatory authorities are essential when advising clients how to build or rebuild for the future. Our strategic vision and technical know-how enable our clients to deal with the key issues affecting the continuation, relaunch or performance of their businesses.

Mahasti Razavi

Mahasti Razavi

Managing Partner

Researching and developing your legal solutions now and in the future

In order to respond to the challenges your face, whether now or in the future, our teams are dedicated to learning the lessons of the crisis and helping you prepare for likely scenarios. The diversity of our lawyers’ backgrounds means that in every case we can put a team together capable of covering all aspects of your problem.

Our lawyers have the experience and know-how to respond to any important or crucial issues facing your business. Our teams are also trained to deal with day-to-day matters and can be seconded to your company if necessary. This vertical capacity to deal with legal requirements is one of our key strengths.

Every case is individual, and we adjust our approach to the sensitivities of the company concerned, its challenges, as well as to the business sector, which may be buoyant or in difficulty. We look for solutions that take account of the strategic and policy issues underlying each case, so as to achieve the best possible legal outcome.

Catherine Le Manchec

Catherine Le Manchec

Partner – Employment law