August Debouzy has a long history of working for numerous players in this industry.

Our teams advise them on a daily basis on all of their legal issues, whether involving corporate matters, employment law, financing, intellectual property, patents, or IT and data protection. We have assisted various industry players with strategic commercial disputes as well as before administrative authorities and specialized courts such as the European Patent Office (EPO).

The telecoms industry is a highly regulated sector and has undergone numerous changes due to technological advancements over the last 20 to 30 years. The emergence of these new technologies (4G, 5G, FTTH, etc.), the evolution of European legislation, and the arrival of new operators and telecom providers create new opportunities and generate new risks. We actively monitor these changes to be able to advise you in the most relevant and accurate manner, in France as well as worldwide with our network of partners.


  • Advice on, and negotiation of, interconnection and network access agreements
  • Advice on telecom infrastructure projects in France and abroad (including Africa)
    negotiation, contract drafting, financing, etc.
  • Assistance in negotiating public service delegation contracts
  • Litigation proceedings before the ARCEP, ADLC, EPO, and administrative and commercial courts