Paris Court of Appeal substantially reduces the fines imposed in the wallpapers case

Communiqué Droit de la concurrence, consommation et distribution Contrats commerciaux et internationaux | 22/04/16 | 0 min. | Renaud Christol

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On April 14, 2016, the Paris Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the French Competition Authority no. 14-D-20 rendered on December 22, 2014 relating to exchanges of information in the French wallpaper industry and substantially reduced the amount of the fines imposed on producers. This reversal is mainly based on the mono-product activity of the claimants.

August & Debouzy assisted and advised MCF Investissements, SCE, Décoralis, A.S. Création France and A.S. Création Tapeten AG, through Renaud Christol, counsel.

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