US - FRANCE: How to value our experiences to limit the risks


GDPR - Lessons learned from the U.S. : Avoiding litigation risks with GDPR data subject rights ; and leveraging GDPR compliance for the new California Consumer Privacy Protection Act ».

The risks associated with class actions resulting from non-compliance with the GDPR are now very real. Indeed, more and more consumer advocacy groups in the EU are resorting to tactics used by plaintiffs’ counsel in class action in the U.S. to trap unwary companies in litigation. August Debouzy is proud to welcome the US law firm Perkins Coie to share with us their group litigation practice in the US. The conference will focus on the best ways of defense against the risks associated with the new rights provided for in the GDPR in the light of actions already initiated in the US.

We will then focus on how best to take advantage of the GDPR in order to comply with California’s new Consumer Privacy Law. This law contains a private right of action of up to $750 per violation for data breach notification. In situations that could involve millions of users, the fines could be quite substantial.

This conference will be held in English only. No translation in French. Breakfast presentation at 8:30 am.

Cet événement est terminé.