Women’s Forum and August & Debouzy: a long-standing partnership and collaboration

Article Employment law and social security law | 08/10/10 | 1 min. | Marie-Hélène Bensadoun Fabienne Haas

August & Debouzy has been an official partner of the Women’s Forum since it was created in 2005.
As a partner, August & Debouzy is the only law firm to support and advise the Women’s Forum on a daily basis on all of its legal issues. 
The firm will be a participant at the next Edition of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting which will take place on October 13 - 16 in Deauville on the subject of: “Change, make it happen”.

“We have supported the Women’s Forum from the beginning because it seemed natural to us and to perfectly suit the spirit of our organization.  Diversity is in August & Debouzy’s genes, it does not come as an effort or an obligation for us” says Fabienne Haas, partner, in charge of the partnership with the Women’s Forum along with Marie-Hélène Bensadoun, partner.

August & Debouzy is a firm where women play a major role. For a long time there were more women partners than men partners; this percentage is now 45% (nine out of twenty). The managing partners have always been women. 53% of associates are women.  The firm’s policy is to encourage the respect and expression of the broadest diversity.
Several of August & Debouzy’s teams work regularly for the Women’s Forum, under the supervision of Valéry Denoix De Saint Marc in the corporate group, Mahasti Razavi in the commercial group, Xavier Rohmer in the tax group and Fabienne Haas and Marie-Hélène Bensadoun in the labor and employment group.


About the Women’s Forum (
The Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society was founded in 2005 by Aude Zieseniss de Thuin to promote women’s vision on the economic and social issues of our time. We aim to become a hub of debate, sharing, brainstorming and action where women and men from around the world and from all horizons speak and exchange on all major societal and economic issues.
Since March 2010, the Forum has been led by Jacqueline Franjou. She acts as executive vice president and her role is to develop the organization and create new projects.
The Women’s Forum brings together female executives and leaders of opinion (1,200 people from 80 countries) to meet and exchange on a wide range of topics such as women’s entrepreneurship, women’s and girl’s education or health.

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