August Debouzy advised TotalEnergies on the acquisition of three startups in the electricity sector

Article M&A | 14/12/23 | 3 min. | Julien Wagmann Coralie Foucault François Richard Hadrien Auzoux Pierre Pérot Inès Bouzayen Virginie Devos Boris Léone-Robin Clément Jottreau Alexandra Berg-Moussa Charlotte Chen Guillaume Aubatier Vincent Brenot Gaël Trouiller Laure Bonin Charles Poulain

Energy Tech & Digital

August Debouzy advised the TotalEnergies Group on the acquisition of three startups that had benefited from its TotalEnergies On acceleration program, based in Paris at Station F: the French company Dsflow, the German company NASH Renewables and the Swiss company Predictive Layer.

The success of the collaborations and tests carried out during their participation in the program has led TotalEnergies to integrate them into its business units which with they collaborated.

With the acquisition of Dsflow, TotalEnergies will provide its multi-site, electricity-intensive B2B customers with an innovative Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS) to pilot their asset in real time and optimize their procurement strategy.

TotalEnergies has also decided to integrate the software platform developed by NASH Renewables to optimize the design and operating parameters of its renewable projects, with a design-to-value approach. By factoring in the impact of the sites' geographical specificities on the captured market prices, this platform will enable TotalEnergies to improve their profitability, thus contributing positively to its profitability target of 12 % ROACE by 2028 for this business segment.

Finally, TotalEnergies will improve the performance of its trading operations by internalizing Predictive Layer's machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, which focuses on energy price forecasting on both physical and derivatives markets, as well as other tailor-made forecast modeling of demand, supply, production, or non-commodity trading.

August Debouzy advised TotalEnergies on transactional aspects (corporate): Julien Wagmann (partner), Coralie Foucault (senior associate), François Richard (senior associate), and Hadrien Auzoux (associate); on IP/IT aspects: Pierre Perrot (senior associate) and Inès Bouzayen (associate); on employment law aspects: Virginie Devos (partner), Boris Léone-Robin (counsel) and Clément Jottreau (senior associate); on commercial contracts aspects: Alexandra Berg-Moussa (partner) and Charlotte Chen (associate); real estate aspects: Guillaume Aubatier (partner) and Charles Poulain (associate); on financing aspects: Laure Bonin (partner) and on regulatory aspects: Vincent Brenot (partner) and Gaël Trouiller (associate).

August Debouzy also relied, for each transaction in the different jurisdictions concerned, on its international lawfirm “best friends” network, i.e:

the lawfirm MLL Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Froriep SA, for the Swiss law aspects, with Mona Stephenson, Arnaud Martin and Michael Reinle (partners), Séverine Micheloud (senior associate), and Loïc Herinckx (associate); and
the lawfirm Noerr, for the German law aspects, with Eckhart Schleifenbaum (partner), Moritz Nikolaus Koch and Tobias Thiemann (associates).

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