Our business ethics practice, a comprehensive approach to compliance:

foresee and face risks, and use ethics as a means to drive business growth.

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Providing you timely support with our comprehensive approach to compliance

At a time when French and European legislation (Sapin II Law, GDPR, the « Duty of vigilence » law, among others) is requiring business players to be prepared to comply with new obligations and deadlines, we are mobilizing our teams and offering you a complete range of services through our BUSINESS ETHICS practice.

You have a number of challenges to be compliant, foresee and face the risks related to corruption, fraud, cyberattacks, personal data, competition and managing employment relations within your company.

Our promise is to support you in every phase from ensuring compliance to preparing you for investigations led by French or international regulators, and defending you in the event of legal proceedings.

Our aim is to use Compliance as a tool to make you more competitive and attractive in your business relations in France and internationally.

Your COMPLIANCE partner our BUSINESS ETHICS practice

    • 01

      A practice with complementary areas of expertise

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      Thorough knowledge of the functioning of administrative bodies, public authorities and European institutions

    • 03

      An international network of correspondent firms

    • 04

      Close working relationships with specialized consultants: data mapping, governance of information systems, crisis communication, change management…


Our Business Ethics practice, a cross-disciplinary approach, to provide you timely advice on all of your compliance issues.


  • • Internal audits and investigations of governance, compliance and mapping of legal, criminal and ethical risks
  • • Impact assessment with regard to personal data


  • • Provide advice and training on compliance (Sapin II Law, GDPR, etc.)
  • • Implement internal compliance charters, codes of conduct and complete educational materials aimed to spread a culture of compliance within companies (particularly through e-learning)
  • • Train executives and employees on on-site and home inspections, hearings and subsequent proceedings


  • • Implement procedures to record internal whistleblowing
  • • Implement an anti-corruption plan
  • • Ensure GDPR compliance
  • • Technical, legal and insurance-related organization of information systems to fight against cybercrime
  • • Delegate of powers and signature authority within a company
  • • Implement procedures in the event of crisis and an action plan for business continuity
  • • Update internal rules and regulations


  • • Investigations from French regulators (AFA, CNIL, AMF, ACP, ADLC, DGCCRF…) and international regulators (European Commission, CEPD, SFO, DOJ, OFAC…)
  • • Proceedings before such regulators and potential criminal proceedings
  • • Labor law proceedings
  • • Declaration of activities involving the representation of interests to the High Authority for Transparency in Public Law
  • • Management of relations with European institutions and French public authorities
  • • Insurance law and risk coverage
  • • Internal and external crisis communications


Our teams are experienced in compliance matters for French and international companies, see our credentials in investigations, fraud, personal data (GDPR), anti-competition practices…

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