August Debouzy has assisted the Clariane Group in entering into exclusive negotiations for the planned sale of its Hospital at Home (HAD) business in France

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Life sciences & Healthcare

August Debouzy has assisted Clariane, a global care, healthcare and hospitality group listed on Euronext Paris, in signing a put option agreement with Fondation Santé Service and in entering into exclusive negotiations for the sale of its Hospital at Home (HAD) and Nursing Care at Home (SSIAD) business in France. This agreement, signed following a competitive bidding process involving several industry players, is part of Clariane’s strategic plan to strengthen its financial structure. Announced on November 14, 2023, this plan specifically targets debt reduction and decreasing financial leverage.

The business that would be sold by the Clariane Group comprises 8 HAD sites and 3 SSIAD agencies employing more than 300 people and generating sales of approximately €46.5 million in 2023.

The completion of the transaction is contingent upon finalizing the legal documentation and obtaining the transfer of administrative authorizations from the relevant health authorities. Additionally, the process of informing and consulting the appropriate employee representative bodies has already been initiated.

Drawing upon their diverse areas of expertise, the 70,000 employees within the Clariane Group work every year to serve almost 900,000 patients and residents across three primary business areas: care homes (Korian, Seniors Residencias, etc.), healthcare facilities and services (Inicea, Ita, Grupo 5, Lebenswert, etc.) and alternative living solutions (domiciliary care and shared housing) (Petits-fils, Les essentielles, Ages et Vie, etc.).

August Debouzy has advised Clariane on the transactional aspects, with a team comprising Julien Wagmann (partner), Elsa Jospé (counsel), Virginie Desbois (counsel), François Richard (senior associate) and Juliette Vachet (associate) regarding the corporate aspects of the transaction, and Philippe Lorentz (partner), Elie Bétard (counsel) and Vincent Fromholz (associate) regarding the tax aspects.

In addition to the legal professionals mentioned above, the vendor due diligence process also involved the following lawyers: Vincent Brenot (partner) and Ghislain Minaire (counsel) for the public/regulatory matters, Virginie Devos (partner), Diane Reboursier, Boris Léone-Robin (counsels) and Coralie Vodarzac (associate) for the employment matters, Alexandra Berg-Moussa (partner) and Aurélien Micheli (senior associate) regarding the commercial contracts, Guillaume Aubatier (partner), Catherine Mintegui (senior associate) and Alix Kianpour (associate) for real estate aspects, Antonia Raccat (partner) and Catherine Mintegui for financial law matters, Florence Chafiol (partner) and Ariane Seyed-Movaghar (associate) for IT aspects, Pierre Pérot (senior associate) and Inès Bouzayen (associate) for intellectual property aspects, and Marie Danis (partner) and Dorra Chedli (associate) for litigation matters.

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