August Debouzy assists the world’s largest retailer, Costco, in setting up in France and opening its first warehouse club

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August Debouzy assisted the retail giant, Costco, in setting up in France and opening its first warehouse club.

Having obtained the requisite administrative authorizations, Costco France began, in mid-2016, building its first warehouse club and its registered office in Villebon-sur-Yvette, in the Essonne region.

This location, with a retail surface of 14,000 m2, the opening of which is scheduled for spring 2017, will employ some two hundred and fifty persons. The group is also planning on opening a couple of other locations in France within the next 10 years, in and around large cities, including Paris.

All of August Debouzy’s teams assisted Costco France with this major project, providing the company with legal advice in the field of real estate and construction, urban planning, public law, litigation, commercial, distribution and consumer law, as well as employment law.

Costco is an international chain of “warehouse clubs”, offering its members (individual or trade members) moderately priced, high quality food and non-food products. To date, this concept has no equivalent in France. Established in the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Spain, this group, listed in the USA, recorded revenue of USD 116 billion in FY 2016. With its 100% Satisfaction Guarantee return policy, Costco France member cards are already being sold on

Costco was advised by a 30-attorney strong cross-practice team of August Debouzy including Ferenc Gonter, Florence Chafiol, Vincent Brenot, Mahasti Razavi, Alexandra Cohen-Jonathan, Emmanuelle Barbara and Emmanuelle Mignon, partners and Alexandra Berg-Moussa, Julien Wlodarczyk and Hélène Billery, counsels.

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